Two Leslies – by Leslie Moore – My relative, Leslie Anne and I spent my youth together as cousins

Two Leslies – by Leslie Moore – My relative, Leslie Anne and I spent my youth together as cousins

Siblings, buddies and fans. (gg, ff, youths, inc) component 2 – Part 3

Two ladies – by Jodi – component 1 – 2 months ago, Barbara invited Michele to a restaurant for supper after finishing up work. The 2 females possessed a couple of beverages, and started to lose the side of their employer-employee relationship, started to be buddies. First experience that is lesbian two girls. (FF, work)

Uma Thurman’s Green Thumb – by Anynom – one could genuinely believe that the final thing a celeb would like to therefore is to search for flowers. (FF, mc, oral)

Uncomfortable – by Ed Rider – Winnie’s spouse Bert has a brand new feminine employer. Margie their employer is interested in Winnie also to assist her husband obtain a promotion she chooses to go with an indecent proposal from Margie. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, wife, reluc, v, huml, d/s, voy)

Unanticipated Perk – by Sweetmeat – I took work as your pet dog walker for a female and got a completely unanticipated perk, her pussy to phone personal. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, dental)

Undercover Prison Bitch – by Triple Delta – i am Ashley, at why don’t we get one thing right; simply me being marched in full prison garb into a prison after a conviction does NOT mean I’m a criminal because you see. All it indicates is the fact that i am an undercover FBI representative, attempting to extract information regarding a fellow inmate that is soon-to-be. Regrettably, jail life, this indicates, is component associated with the work, as it is prisoner abuse. (FF, nc, rp, v, bd, tor, anal, ws)

U.S. Navy – by Poink – a significant situation of “peeping-tomisim” An enlisted guy discovers an opening to the feminine officers showers, and make the most of it. (FF, voy, oral, mast)

Getaway – by Sweetmeat – a girl from work and I also went on holiday together and I also discovered that I became a normal created cunt lapper. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr)

Vacation mom Will Remember – by Pallidan – a mother that is white child take a secondary day at the forests along with her child’s black colored buddy and mother. She quickly discovered her what her daughter happens to be doing over last couple of months. (FF, nc, exh, intr, dom)

Valerie and Deena – by Renata von Foetze – whenever Deena saw the brand new neighbor’s spouse move around in next door, she ended up being certain she discovered exactly just exactly what she required. Would Valerie realize? (FF, d/s)

Variations On a situation: Brigitte – by 14bees – there were times during my life that i love to re-live; playing away and re-playing out of the factors to ends that are different. This show shall explore those moments. The circumstances are real to some degree or any other. The names were changed. (FF, oral)

Vibrator, The – by DTR – A teenage woman discovers her mother’s dildo and tries it down. Liking her experience she ends up sharing with her best friend with it. (ff-teens, youngsters, 1st-lesbian-expr, inc, doll)

Violet Rose – by Ann Douglas – a females extends to take to the merchandize out in a adult toy store. (FF, toys)

Violet’s cellar – by Thunder Shark – Violet had secretly put up her basement that is large to her special purposes. The program would begin tonight, with Jenny. (Ff-teen, reluc, bd, tor, sm, piercing)

Violett – by Sailbad – a nice-looking, adventurous lesbian provides light-hearted narration of her life’s experiences in dog-sex from her very first discoveries while masturbating at age 12 to her activities while in a committed relationship in her twenties. Components 3, 4, & 5 would be the hottest. (FF, first, mast, exh, beast) component 2 – Part 3 – component 4 – component 5

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