Pizza Straight From The Brick Oven

If you’re busy and don’t have time to cook, don’t resort to eating cold leftovers from your fridge. Treat your stomach to a nice, hot and easy meal from Pizza Land – our pizzas are hand tossed and baked golden brown from a brick oven.

Curb Your Craving


If you can’t quite place your finger on what you’re craving, take a look at our extensive list of toppings.  

 With choices like pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, onion, green peppers and diced tomatoes, your creation will definitely hit the spot!

Some of Our Specialty Pizzas

Bacon Lovers

All Meat Combo 

Veggie Delight                   

Grilled Chicken


Super Supreme

Food To Share

Great for groups

Our pizza deals are perfect if you want to share your food with a large party or group of friends.

And More....


Our generous heaping of toppings and amazing prices makes us a great place to revisit often!

Don't deal with a mess when eating!


If you don’t like your toppings piled out in the open, our calzones are a good alternative. You can also order sandwiches and pasta should you not be in the mood for a slice of pizza.

Pizza Mega Deal

Any Large Pizza or Calazone

(Up to 8 Toppings)






Come & visit.

The best from us.


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Want the most satisfying, mouth-watering food around? Read our reviews. It’s no secret that there’s just something about our food that will grab your taste buds like nothing else. 


After a long day on the job, just leave dinner to us. Sprawl out on the couch and enjoy what you’ve been looking forward to all day: Your favorite meal from your favorite place…delivered right to you door.