Do you crave a pizza but can’t finish a whole one and have no one to share with? The calzone is a perfect choice for dinner tonight – it packs all the flavor of a pizza into one delicious serving for you!

Eat while on the go


Eating a pizza while on your commute can get messy, especially if you have nice clothes on.  If you grab a delectable calzone on the way, it’ll be a much easier way to satisfy your graving for Italian food, as its ingredients are all bundled up inside.

So try delicious another way. Try one of our calzones. 



Enjoy the same toppings as in our pizzas:


Grilled Chicken


Pork Sausage


Black Olives


Choices galore

A variety of choices for fast food.

Calzones aren’t the only thing you can get from Pizza Land to eat on the fly. Check out our
menu for some great and healthy choices of sandwiches and subs. Fast food has never been this healthy!

We are Convenient


Wherever you are in OKC, you’ll find a Pizza Land near you – we have 3 locations to serve you!

Open Late

open late for you

Our pizza shop is open late night. Plus, we deliver, so you won’t ever have a grumbling stomach!

Come & visit.

The best from us.


After 25 year, nobody beats us in the affordability category. We’ve learned the art of piling on massive ingredients at a price that will bring you back again and again. We promise.


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After a long day on the job, just leave dinner to us. Sprawl out on the couch and enjoy what you’ve been looking forward to all day: Your favorite meal from your favorite place…delivered right to you door.